Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge Cut Buttons

I thought it would be useful to chart where the cuts for the various coordinating stamped images would be found on the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge. I have the three sets that came with the kit, and one more. I 'named' them myself to help describe which ones I was talking about. Hope you find this helpful. 
I numbered the cuts from 1-50 so you can easily find them by button or in the handbook.

So, for the three sets that came in the set:

Ticket: 5
Curvy Marquis: 6 (Remember When and You're Invited)
Scalloped Circle: 21
Rounded Marquis: 16 (Wishing You A Wonderful)
Square Marquis: 23 (Special and Congratulations)

Cupcake: 50
Asymmetrical Heart: 49
Triangle Banner: 29, 39
Arrow: 44
Present/Gift: 40
Pennant: 48
Symmetrical Star: 20

Curvy Marquis: 6
Symmetrical Heart: 6
Maple Leafe: 14
Asymmetrical Star: 25
Pointy Leaf Flower: 19
Tree: 11

And for the D1491 "Hooray Bouquet" set:

Rounded Flower: 37
Petal Flower: 9


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