Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Copic vs. Spectrum Noir Markers

I finally got my new Spectrum Noir Markers! Now, let's be clear - I have over 120 Copic Markers, a mix of both Ciao and Sketch. I never allowed myself the luxury of purchasing Copic Originals due to the cost. However, I really, really REALLY wanted them because I wanted that nib! That fine, fine nib. I did a lot of work developing my skills with the finer brush tip of the Ciao and Sketch, but it is still difficult to get some of the smaller areas on a fine stamped image. The brush sometimes 'brushes' out of the desired area...I'm NOT talking about bleeding, I'm talking about colouring outside the lines when you don't want to. 

I use the finest paper by Gina K. and also some 'specially made for Copics' paper I found online. 

Sooooooooo....when the Spectrum Noir came to my attention with its magnificent square barrel and gorgeous fine tip, I couldn't resist...and the price tag is AWESOME compared to a Copic! (Ciao, Sketch or Original! Yay)

In conclusion, I LOVE the new Spectrum Noir. It colours slightly differently than a Copic, but in a way that is a fun and pleasurable experience. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Spectrum Noir Pros:
Great blending
Fantastic Nib
PRICE!! Super price

Spectrum Noir Cons:
Limited colour choice - I'm sure this will change
**Lid colour does NOT match ink colour - test FIRST!

Copic Pros:
Exquisite blending
 Endless colour choice, also due to exquisite blending

Copic Cons:
Fine Nib not available for Ciao or Sketch
Prohibitive Cost

Thanks for watching. 


Judy said...

Ohhh -- I sooo appreciate your coloring videos! They are very informative and well done :-)
I wanted to let you know that I am passing on a blog award to you so you can add it to your blog. Just stop on over to pick it up when you get a chance!
Hugs, Judy

BecciRay said...

Oh, yay! I will tomorrow when I'm back on my computer (not my iPad!) that's so sweet of you!

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