Sunday, October 9, 2011


I remember growing up I rather hated 'Leftover Night' in our house. My sweet little mommy would just throw everything into the frying pan...we might eat it with toast. 

Now that I'm a mom I think her method was brilliant! Ha ha!!

Anyhoo...this is not that kind of leftover. I have a box under where my Imagine sits that is home to all my scraps for over the last year - big enough pieces to use again. So today I sorted through ALL of them. I left only my white paper in the box underneath, and sorted the rest by colour into an accordian folder I got at Costco a few years back!

Now I'm ready to use them up! Again - my goal right now is to use up my supplies - I have fantastic paper, embellishments, ribbons, etc. and NO REASON to buy new...I'm trying really hard to remind myself of this when tempted. I have a dream craft room - everything imaginable! So this will help me be frugal...AND CREATIVE!!


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