Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fun and Easy Card Set Using Emporium

I've been trying to go through my stash and use my gorgeous products that I've allowed myself to collect. One of my favourite paper packs by CTMH is "Emporium". It is stunningly gorgeous!

I also had some blank cards from Michael's that are only 4 x 5.5", not the usual A2 size. 

I cut a multiple pieces from the Emporium at 3.75 x 5.25", and then another set at 3.5 x 5". I glued these all on in layers. If I were to make a 'fancier' set I would wait to adhere them to the cards, layering with ribbons or brads first. 

I then cut some strips from the Vineyard Berry at 1.5" and cut the lengths at either 4" so I could layer vertically, or 5.25" so I could layer horizontally. I cut the other side of that same paper at 1" strips, and corresponding lengths. I glued these on as well. 

I then cut various images from cardstock in my stash (not an exact match to CTMH but super close). I cut from "Cricut American Alphabet" that is built in to my Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition. I cut each image at 2.5". 

I stamped them all with various stamps from Stampin Up and My Pink Stamper. I made 4 of each card, totalling 20 cards!


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